Purrrrr-fectly Good Times at Tom’s (Cat) Cafe, Hongdae

Here’s a recap of my March 2013 visit to Tom’s Cafe, a place filled with fat furry felines in Hongdae 😀

Cat cafe Tom's cafe hongdae

The cafe cats awaiting your purrrrr-sure ^^

Get to know your kitties here, you’ll be spending a lot of time with each other 😉

House Rules Hongdae Cat Cafe

Cat house Rules

I’m guessing this says ‘Don’t disturb the cat, if it doesn’t want attention’ and ‘Don’t pick up any cats’. I did see a girl trying to pick one up, and it was most displeased (the board drawing is a pretty accurate depiction of the cat’s annoyance!).

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe

Drinking my entry fee, and there are no free refills

No official entry fee to the cafe, but you need to buy an (over-priced) drink. Which is fine, since you’ll be spending lots of quality feline time here. <And yes, that’s me, kinda bushed after one long day’s trek in Hongdae>

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe

Pussycat Pillow Parlour

This is a mini-parlour of sorts with kitties reclining languidly on a mound of pillows as cute as themselves ^^ Loads of folks trying to pat and take pics of them. So you need to wait for a right opening to squeeze in like a seasoned ajumma in a crowded train.

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe

Cat Gymnastics

The more energetic cats get to show off their athleticism to their adoring audience. What, no audience? Time to hop back down to the downy comforts of the pillow parlour.

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe

Love me, love my cat

Apparently cat cafes are a popular dating spot. It seems to be the standard practice for guys to try to lure a cat worthy of their date’s tastes. But foolish humans, you don’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you! <And no amount of toy-waving will bring them over!> 😛

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe etui trove

You & me, against the rest of the world

For visitors coming in alone, never fear – it means more attention devoted to the feline goddess who deigns to smile on you that day

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe

Worship me. NOW!

My favourite was this b~i~g kittie who was more fur than cat. It emerged suddenly from a pumpkin plastic cave, and rolled over to demand instant adoration by the masses. I made the mistake of patting its tummy (sorry, I’m actually a dog-person, my dogs love a good belly-rub). Captain Cuddles was most aggrieved and swiped a claw at me. Fortunately it missed, and the rest of its human servants quickly patted him in all the right places to make up for my misstep *___*

Seeing the happy visitors and well-kept cats in Tom’s Cafe, I had a thought that animal shelters can set up pet cafes to house and showcase cats or dogs to potential adopters. Having taken in two shelter dogs, I know the anxiety and indecision that lies in adopting an animal you’ve never seen before. The cafe would provide a sustainable income for the shelter. And people might be more open to the idea of adoption, having spent more time interacting with the animals in a comfortable setting.

Metta Cats Animal Shelter Adoption etui trove

Baxter Boy, adoptee of The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic, Singapore

Imagine this sweet kittie in your neighbourhood cat cafe. Wouldn’t you just want to offer him a loving home? 🙂

Hongdae Cat Cafe Tom's Cafe

Tom’s Cafe, the only one in the whole of Seoul!

3F, 358-125, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 8900 0450
Nearest Station: Hongik University
While in Hongdae, remember to spend A Lazy Breezy Saturday at the Hongdae Free Market & More!
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8 thoughts on “Purrrrr-fectly Good Times at Tom’s (Cat) Cafe, Hongdae

    1. Haha, yes, he’s the official mascot of The Pet Doctors Veterinary Clinic. I think I’ll share more of his cheeky poses on this blog’s FB Page – Baxter-Boy is pure comedy gold! ^o^

    1. Hi Tori,

      Tom’s Cat Cafe is in Hongdae province of Seoul. You can take a limo bus from Incheon Airport to Hongik University, a very prominent landmark of Hongdae, where then you can walk to Tom’s and explore the other sights as well. I’m not completely sure about traveling time but it could take from 45 min to an hour.

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