A Lazy Breezy Saturday at the Hongdae Free Market & More!

The Hongdae Free Market seems to be getting a reputation as a (slightly) off-the-beaten-path visitor’s stop in Seoul, away from the city centre of the usual beauty and shopping venues.

If you make the effort to take a trip here, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of free music performances (your future K-pop star may be standing right in front you!) and cool hand-crafted arts by the Hongik University students, amid a vibrant indie atmosphere all around.

My personal favourite was this crafter who makes adorable worry dolls out of old lamp diodes and colourful yarns. There’s never been a better way to upcycle! ^o^

Worry doll house Hongdae Flea Market

Worry doll house, I want! ^o^

Worry doll danglers & coat hooks Hongdae Flea Market

Worry doll danglers & coat hooks. I got a brooch which looks great on my canvas tote 😀

As my Malaysian friend living in Seoul explains it, Hongdae actually refers to Hongik University and its sprawling campus town. Any Korean art students worth their salt, are usually graduates of Hongik’s Fine Arts Programme.

These were some of the stalls with long queues for the skilled and swift artists. It looks like the stall owners end the day with tired eyes and aching arms but fat pockets :D. The path of artist-dom isn’t an easy one, and their hard work must be paying off as I can actually recognize some of the stalls from other blogs about the Free Market!

Face Painting Hongdae Flea Market

Face painting of a different kind here. The artist is tech-savvy enough to have QR code sign for photo-takers like me!

Kawaii illustrations Hongdae Flea Market

Kawaii illustrations drawn and authographed on the spot!

Some of the other sights of Hongdae. This Seoul student town is *nothing* like the ones in Sydney, Melbourne and KL!

Shara Shara Hongdae Flea Market

Shara Shara Hongdae & its giant mannequin contemplating the meaning of life

Traditional korean house & ajussi Hongdae Flea Market

Traditional Korean house, complete with curious ajussi watcher

Candy floss dog Hongdae Flea Market

Candy floss giant doggie. His fur coat keeps him toasty warm in the chilly Seoul winter!

hongdae hello kitty cafe

The famous Hello Kitty Cafe of Seoul! 😀

Yes, Hongdae is home to the giant and very pink Hello Kitty cafe. But it was pretty late by the time we got there after the flea market. So in the end, we went for something better than Kitty-san – real kitties at Tom’s Cafe!  \^o^/


Yes, cute cats abound here and you can read all about it at Purrrrr-fectly Good Times at Tom’s (Cat) Cafe, Hongdae

Or enjoy more creative handmade crafts at Creativity in Cheras: Pipit Zakka!

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