The Streets Of Seoul Are Paved With (Delicious!) Snacks

When my friend asked me what I’d like to eat in Seoul, I said “Poop Bread” – she wasn’t expecting that 😀

I’d been reading Cute in Korea before my trip – a really fun blog on food, shopping and life in Seoul. It opened up my eyes of my Korean food options, which had been firmly fixed in my mind as kimchi (fine in limited doses), banchan (meh for the cold vegetables which is most of it), and bulgogi (this I eat with no hesitation ^^).

Poop Bread seoul street food

Poop Bread – not poopy at all, no fear!

We did have Poop Bread (in Ssamziegil, no less), but I ended up preferring snacks delicious and hot enough to warm me up fast in Seoul’s cold winter. Such as this Cup Chicken snack which filled to the brim with yangnyeom chikin (fried boneless chicken), potato balls, and tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes), all slathered with a fiery sauce and Japanese mayo \^o^/ Strangely, I can only find two mentions of Cup Chicken with my Google-fu – one referring to it as Cup-o-Chicken and the other as Chicken in a Cup. This cuppa definitely deserves more online love!

Tteokbokki topokki pojangmacha street food seoul Sinchon

Sinchon-dong’s cup of fiery fried goodies, bad for the heart but oh-so-good in your mouth

My other hand-warmer snack of choice would be hotteok from this stall, in Insadong. Visit Korea says hotteok is made of flour, sugar, ground peanuts and cinnamon powder. It’s fresh from the fryer to your hands and bursting with sugary peanut-ty deliciousness 🙂

pojangmacha seoul street food insadong

*The* popular Insadong hotteok stall

Seoul street food pojangmacha

Ajumma prepares the dough balls while the younger ones press and fry the hotteok

There’s also the gaeran bbang (egg bread) snackabundant in almost every street stall you can find. Cute in Korea has a great post on how the vendors make egg bread. If I ever have an oven, I may seriously try out this egg bread home recipe – DIY egg bread baked in a muffin pan!

seoul street food snacks pojangmacha

Looks like ajumma has more than just egg bread for offer

Cute in Korea egg bread pojangmacha street food seoul

Watch and learn, my young Jedi

This humble little bbokki (flat caramel candy) stall – nothing more than a board on a box, with everything else transported in a small trolley bag – was a stark constrast to the loud colourful street vendors in the glitzy Myeongdong streets. I really wish now I bought something from her, as I was walking by.

Bbokki Seoul street food

A face of human tenacity

Of course, this is but a small nibble of Seoul’s spread of street snacks. So, here are some good lists to identify what to eat, and in my case, what has been eaten 🙂

Jaunted: What To In Seoul – 31 Foods That’ll Rock Your World The french fry-encrusted Tokkebi hot dog will be a literal heart-stopper I want to sink my teeth into!

Seoul Eat’s: Korean Street Food List 26 items in this preliminary list, a number of which is planned for feature in National Geographic and the Travel Channel. The Bindaetteok (crispy mungbean pancake) here sounds like something worth trying.

[Writing this post has made me very very hungry!]


Feed your visual senses and find out there’s more to Korean food than kimchi over at 3 Days & Nights of Seoul Feasting

Why do Koreans eat so much street food? So that they can shop more at A Best Friend’s Guide To Shopping In Seoul!

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