300 Views in 10 Days (Thank You!) & A Round-Up of Seoul In Pictures

[27 Aug 2013: Corrections made for references to wooden massage balls (not chestnuts!) and Anguk station (not Sinchon station) – as spotted by my Seoul travel companion]

Hi everyone! <waves>

Etui Trove is now 10 days old with 7 posts and it’s received 300 views! \ (^ 0 ^) / Of course, this is a tiny nugget for experienced bloggers, but I’m delighted with the results of this little blog which I’ve started while in quarantine with shingles to take my mind off the incessant pain and itching (thankfully it’s starting to subside). I realize I have a lot to learn about writing (names, places, prices), picture taking (camera phones just don’t cut it), and blog promoting (a big thanks to Seoul Eats and the Tripadvisor Seoul Forum) – so the fun’s just starting! 😀 Also hugs to my good friend (who prefers to remain anonymous) who’s been a fantastic travel companion in both Seoul and Tokyo! <biiiiiiig hug!>

Pusheen Gangnam Style

Thank you! ~ sexy people! ~ Pusheen Gangnam Style! 😉

This is a final recap of Seoul March 2013 in pictures, before I start off on sharing my Tokyo adventures!

Don't Throw Toilet Paper In The Toilet in Korea

Seriously, don’t. Unless you want to bung up the sewerage system. And don’t look too closely at the bin when you throw your used paper (ick!) Woe is the fate of the staff on toilet-duty.

Tom's Cat Cafe Hongdae

Take shelter from the winter chill with cute kitties in Tom’s Cafe, Hongdae

Hongdae Free Market Yangban Artis

Have your portrait sketched by this yangban-hat wearing artist in the Hongdae Free Market

Insadong stone heads

Enjoy Insadong, where you can find everything including stone animals selling chestnuts wooden massage balls

JN Mall Myeongdong robot greeters

Be hypnotized by the robot greeters who tell you to spend *all* your money in Myeongdong

Sinchon subway tile wall art

After Myeongdong has taken your money, look up affordable meals (and try not to eat the Sinchon Anguk subway walls in your hunger)

Myeongdong Snack Foods

Use up your pocket change for cheap street food such as this awesome-looking Tornado Potato

Incheon airport doll painting instructions

Finally, make your own Korean cultural souvenir in Incheon airport (and it’s free!) and bid “ahn nyeong hee gyea se yo!” to Seoul until your next visit!


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