Interlude in Ipoh: Zakka Loft

While I was recuperating from my bout with shingles in my hometown of Ipoh (in Malaysia), I chanced upon Motormouth’s (possibly the best foodie reviewer of Ipoh) Facebook post of Zakka Loft. Seeing the cafe was just 10 minutes drive from my parent’s house and (intrigued by the luscious looking Rainbow Cake!), I decided to pop by for a bite and test out my new Samsung wifi camera (remember when I mentioned about needing a better camera than my phone? I finally did something about it :D)

Zakka Loft Ipoh Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake + Ponies = A Happy Afternoon Meal ^^

As Motormouth mentioned in his review, the cafe serves simple fare, home-cooked and heated up for serving. They seemed to have taken his advice to add coffee to the menu, because the 2 capable wait staff now whip up decent lattes and mochas complete with pretty latte art. While I was there, quite a number of diners order coffee to enjoy with their cakes, especially the signature Rainbow Cake – you must agree this pairing makes quite a pretty picture!

Zakka Loft Ipoh

My Dad, the coffee connoisseur 😀

Zakka Loft is the brainchild of interior designer, Chloe Chong, and her business partner, Jean Hong. I would say they’ve succeeded in creating a lovely place celebrating the simple joys of a good meal, quiet conversation, and gatherings to learn and craft with heart. There are monthly gatherings for ukelele sessions and weekly workshops to make bags and toys – suitable for both adults and children.

Zakka Loft Ipoh

My friend’s kids fascinated by the sewing machine. I don’t think too many kids actually know how cloth goods are being made nowdays.

Even if you don’t participate in the workshops, everything in Zakka Loft encourages some form of physical interactivity from visitors – from playing foosball games to writing notes on its ever-growing message Wall, and of course, lots of picture-taking as every nook and cranny offers a delightful subject matter 🙂

Zakka Loft Ipoh

Lots of room and toys for both young and old.

Zakka Loft Ipoh

Write and draw your little messages. The shop staff will also give you cute clips to hang them up!

Zakka Loft Ipoh

Eat me! I’m cute and homemade! ^^

Zakka Loft Ipoh

Buy me! Or better yet, make me!

Zakka Loft Ipoh

Even my Dad was picture-taking, I think his shots were better than mine!

So if you’re ever in Ipoh, do drop by this lovely corner shop which is in a row of shophouses behind Tesco’s (opposite Fu Tien Vegetarian Restaurant). They’ve been featured on the local paper The Star. Thinking of doing a magazine photoshoot? This is a fabulous place to do just that! Not sure if your older family members will like the menu? There’s plenty of guai ling gou (herbal jelly) and cooling Chinese desserts, very popular with the more senior visitors. Still want to check out more shop goodies before you come over? Cheryl Chan‘s blog has lovely shots of the many handmade goods and the yummy looking cakes!  🙂

Zakka Loft details:
2, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +6012-480 3591 (Chloe), +6013-488 8503 (Jean)
GPS Coordinates : 4.618026,101.117604

Zakka Loft Ipoh

~Dream~Make~Feel~ [Photo credit: Zakka Loft Facebook]


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