Creativity in Cheras: Pipit Zakka

Having covered a zakka cafe previously, I figured I’ll continue with the zakka retail theme, this time moving towards Kuala Lumpur where the Pipit Zakka store is. I first attended their Pipit Wonderful Market event back in 2011, in hopes of viewing the works of Evangelione, a Johor-based doll-maker, who sells her dolls through Pipit (aside from her Etsy store). While I missed out on buying Evangelione’s dolls (her stock was sold out in the first 2 hours!), I had a good time viewing the handmade works of other exhibitors and bought a super-cute Beanipet pillow and a funky tote bag which I’m still using today.

Pipit Zakka Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Welcome to the playhouse, my name is BeiBei and I’ll be your guide for today ^^ [Photo credit: Pipit Zakka]

The Pipit Zakka founders are the husband-and-wife team of Mike Ooi and Ivery Khooi who also run the Pipit arts portal to encourage creative talents from within and outside Malaysia. They first started off with organizing 1-day events such as the Pipit Wonderful Market, and then setting up a physical store in SS2 of Petaling Jaya before moving to their present larger premises in Taman Connaught of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. They’ve always maintained an online presence via their online store which houses items by their regular retailers such as Mink of Thailand (watches with beautiful coloured leather straps)  and Jump From Paper of Taiwan (I love love *love* their 2D bags!).

Mink Zebrano Pipit Zakka

My aunt was very happy with the brown strap watch as a gift. I’m planning to get the black one for myself 😛 [Photo credit: Pipit Zakka]

Jump From Paper Pipit Zakka

Oh la la! What more can I say! :[Photo credit: Pipit Zakka]

Pipit Zakka is also very active in the Facebook space, especially with their regular month-long events centering around a creative theme for any contributor to submit works for exhibition and sale. Even when I couldn’t attend these exhibitions in person, it was still fun see the regular Facebook postings which start with the announcement of a new theme and the contribution guidelines (such as this one for the I’M TOTE CRAZY event), the behind-the-scenes setting up, and of course the many colourful items up for sale 😀

Pipit Zakka Malaysia

Pipit Zakka Events from Jan till Aug 2013 [Photo credit: Pipit Zakka]

Evangelione Pipit Zakka

Evangelione’s amazing dolls (and once again, I missed out ~sigh~) [Photo credit: Pipit Zakka]

Kameya's Handmade Wonderland Bag Pipit Zakka Malaysia

The Wonderland tote by Kameya’s Handmade which is now mine! If you were wondering, yes – the watch works, so the White Rabbit & I will always (almost) never be late 😛 [Photo credit: Pipit Zakka]

Bell Handmade House Pipit Zakka

I also got this black kitty tote by Bell Handmade House. I use the front kitty pocket for my camera and its 2 internal paw pockets are roomy enough for my Note 2 phone and lots of other little things!

So, if you are interested in all things crafty and zakka, have fun looking around Pipit’s Facebook and e-shop (I know I did!). And if you’re ever in town, you can drop by their brick-and-mortar store where there’s Beibei the dog as an added bonus for your visit 😀

BeiBei Pipit Zakka

BeiBei, Guardian of All Things Kawaii (including those tiny humans)

For some further reading, there’s The Star paper with interesting interviews of Pipit (and also talks about what zakka is) and Evangelione, while you can find a more recent write-up of Pipit by the Malay Mail.


Wanna see more dolls and cute toys? Head over to Japan’s Ebi Burger is coming to McDonald’s Singapore on 7th Nov 2013 for some McDonald’s miniatures and more!

Or have a peep at a cute cafe filled with 100% zakka-ness at Interlude in Ipoh: Zakka Loft!

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