Etui Trove’s Facebook Round-Up of Halloween

A huge apology for the hiatus here; I’ve been having a bit too much fun on this blog’s Facebook – what, you didn’t know there was one? Go there and Like it now 🙂 Anyway, I thought it would be fun do daily posts on Halloween (well, semi-daily, as work and stuff caught up). It is one of my favourite times of the year, even if Halloween’s not really big here in Singapore or Malaysia. And October has been a bonanza month for horror flicks on telly and on the silver screen! 😀 Without much ado, I bid you, gentle guest, a warm welcome to my house. Enter freely and of your own will…

1. … A storm’s a-coming, dark knights are rising

Samantha Lee Bento eatzy bitzy

[Image credit: Samantha Lee]

2. … Choose wisely now, the path of pins or needles  …

Urban Threads etui

[Image credit: Urban Threads]

3. … Be warned, dread denizens of the dark beckon

Clovenails halloween nail art

[Image credit: CloveNails]

4. … Their cravings raw, their hunger boundless

Insidious Marche Movenpick

[Image credit: Etui Trove]

5. … Strange shapes take flight, on foot, to fight

McDonald's food fight Bent Food

[Image credit: Terry Border]

6. … As the flesh of the weak becomes the food of the strong

Halloween fine dining

[Image credit: HappyHalloweenDay]

7. … The blood is life… and it shall be mine!

Crowne Plaza lamb counter

[Image credit: Etui Trove. I swear this was taken unstaged at a hotel buffet counter!]

8. … And so soft flesh is craved by hard teeth

Bakerella smiley cake pops

[Image credit: Bakerella]

9. … Silent spectres watch, indifferent to your plight

Halloween cheesecloth ghosts

Halloween cheesecloth ghosts

10. … As chaos reigns as the hours grows longer

Tokyo Fashion Halloween-in-Japan-Shibuya-Costumes

[Image credit: Tokyo Fashion]

11. … So you must fight, to endure this night … But remember still

12. … In brightest day, in blackest night

Halloween Dog costumes

[Image credit: Audrey Chin]

13. … No evil shall escape their sight!

Humans of New York HONY Superhero Family

[Image credit: Humans of New York]

Okay, okay – so I cheated a little with the sequencing, otherwise I might end up with truly disturbing stanzas! T_T

So how many pop culture references can you spot here? Drop your answers in the comments 😀

Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween and plenty of treats ahead! ^o^


For happier spaces with more elbow-room, snuggle up with happy lazy cats at Purrrrr-fectly Good Times at Tom’s (Cat) Cafe, Hongdae

There’s always the pink and yellow turtle buns (no turtles were harmed, no fear) in The Nine Emperor Gods Festival & Its Psychedelically Cute Turtle Buns

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