Japan’s Ebi Burger is coming to McDonald’s Singapore on 7th Nov 2013!

You’ve heard of the legendary shrimp-filled Ebi burger (えびフィレオ or Ebi Filet-O, pronounced as “Ebi Fi-re-O“) from McDonald’s Japan, right-o? Well, it’s coming to the sunny shores of Singapore on 7th Nov 2013, together with a hot toasty Banana Pie dessert plus a Tropical Tango McFizz to wash it all down 😀

McDonald's Ebi Burger

Behold, the Ebi Burger! One of McDonald’s Japan’s top-selling burgers [Image credit: RocketNews]

Interestingly, the Ebi Burger was promoted in Japan by top Japanese model Yuri Ebihara, more popularly known as Ebi-chan. And when you have puri-puri which describes the perfectly cooked ‘meaty’ texture of a battered prawn, it allows McDonald’s Japan to come up with this pun-tastic line ~ “Ebi puri shiteru?” ~ is this a perfect (ebi)/(Ebi-chan)? Perfection in every sense of the word, I guess 😛

yuri ebihara ebi-chan ebi burger

Ebi-chan + Ebi Burger = Instant win [Image credit: Jay-han.com]

While I’m no smoking hot beauty like Ebi-chan, I still was fortunate enough to be invited for a preview of the McDonald’s Ebi Burger. Despite sleep deprivation and distance (cue Cyndi Lauper’s I Drove All Night~~~), I would NOT be stopped from getting my taste of this shrimpy goodness, by gumbo! When the Ebi Burger made its grand entrance, I was swooning in sweet bliss as I bit into succulent whole baby shrimps all packed nice and tight in its golden breadcrumb patty and Thousand Island sauce. It was wonderfully delicious as you taste soft shrimp after shrimp amidst panko crispiness  (︶▽︶)

McDonald's Ebi burger Singapore

Here it is! The Ebi Burger amidst sakura-coloured settings and a lil’ ebi origami  ^D^

Want to be sure your Ebi Burger is made of real shrimps? The proof is in the pictures below. And believe me, you will not be complaining about shrimp shortage in your burger patty! (^ 0 ^)

Mcdonald's Ebi Burger Nutrional Facts

McDonald’s Ebi Burger nutritional facts as per McDonald’s Japan (Google-Translated)

McDonald's Ebi Burger Princesmic80

See, I wasn’t kidding about the whole shrimps! [Image credit: Princesmic80, go view her post of the Ebi Burger as she has better pictures of it and more! ^^]

After contemplating seconds in the form of *double-patty* Ebi Burger (oooooh!), my stomach decided it’d be wiser to save room for dessert. I thought a hot pie wouldn’t be much after the epic-ness of the Ebi Burger. But I was completely taken by surprise with the Banana Pie’s hot crunchy goodness and its sweet ba-na-na-na goodness inside. “But isn’t that basically pisang goreng (banana fritters)?” you say. Damn straight, it’s probably one of the best banana fritters ever, the key difference being it’s a pie with banana filling and not just a fried banana. So, if the Ebi Burger was Luke Skywalker, then the Banana Pie would be Hans Solo \(T∇T)/

McDonald's banana pie Singapore

McDonald’s banana pie – available in Malaysia and now Singapore!

This Ebi Burger preview was courtesy of McDonald’s Singapore and Omy.Sg. My fellow bloggers & I had a lot of fun making ebi origami as an activity of the event. Now I’m usually all thumbs when it comes to paper crafts, so my yellow ebi turned out kinda squishy flat and looked more like a hermit crab, despite the patient help of the origami instructor T_T

McDonald's ebi origami set

For those of you with more skillful fingers than me, you can download the full instruction here 😀

I had far better luck with the pop quiz by the McDonald’s Marketing team and managed to snag one of the prizes – this awesome full set of the McDonald’s Food Strap 1 series – the perfect win for the miniaturist fan that I am! Just look at them all – McCafe Premium Roast Coffee, Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, French Fries, Apple Pie, and Filet-o-Fish! \(*T▽T*)/

McDonald's Food Strap 1 series

Gloriously miniaturized! Almost good enough to eat! ^^

How small are these McDonald’s miniatures? Well, they’re a little too big for my Takara Jenny doll (who’s 10½ inches tall, making her slightly shorter than Barbie who stands at 11½ inches), but they are a perfect fit for Dolfie-sized dolls and great as bag charms. So I’ll be organizing my first-ever giveaway – go Like Etui Trove’s Facebook now to watch out for the contest announcement there! (・∀・ )

Etui Trove McDonald's Food Strap series

My Miho-chan chugging down her jumbo-sized McCafe roast coffee 😉

Danny Choo McDonald's Food Strap series

Dolfie-sized Saber with an armful of McDonald’s [Image credit: Danny Choo]

So remember now, the Singapore McDonald’s Ebi Burger and Banana Pie and Tropical Tango McFizz will start selling on 7th November (Thursday) for a limited time only. You can get all of this, plus large French Fries, in the aptly named Ebi Feast Meal (^▽ ^). So save your Japan airfare and getcha Ebi Burger goodness fast before they run out like the Hello Kitty dolls! (=^・ω・^=)

McDonald's Ebi Burger Singapore

Launching in Singapore on 7th November 2013! [Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore]


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