Celebrating McDonald’s McHappy Day in Singapore #McHappyDaySg!

Did you buy yourself a Ronald Smile last Sunday, 10th November? If you did, then congratulations on being part of McDonald’s global fundraiser drive in support of sick children in our community ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

McDonald's McHappy Day RMHC Singapore

McDonald’s McHappy Day RMHC Singapore

These Ronald Smiles, sold for $2 each, help the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) to provide medical assistance for the critically ill children in Singapore. A new cornerstone of RMHC Singapore is the Ronald McDonald House at National University Hospital (RMH@NUH), a free 24/7 accommodation facility for families of children in intensive care. The parents of such children – facing cancer, trauma, or undergoing major surgery – are already emotionally worn down and heartsick. So RMH@NUH steps in to provide a ‘home-away-from-home’ – beds, showers, meals, and peer support – for these parents to be close to their little ones and stay strong to continue caring for them ( ^_^ )

Ronald McDonald House RMH NUH

RMH@NUH [Image credit: NUH Facebook]

So that Sunday, 500 McDonald’s Singapore staff volunteers pounded the pavement to raise awareness of RMHC and sell Ronald Smiles to the public. I was lucky to receive an invitation to attend the flag-off at the McDonald’s J.E.M Mall restaurant, where 150 staff were all fired up to do their part for a great cause. Despite the humidity of the day (my fellow bloggers and I were starting to perspire just standing out in the open), spirits were high as Ronald himself led the rah-rah as the team gave cheer after cheer! ヘ(^o^ヘ)
McHappy Day Ronald Smile heart JEM

The McDonald’s Westzone Eagles and their big big hearts! 😀

McHappy Day Ronald Smiles McDonald's

Doing my part to pitch in. Little things make big things happen! ^^

McHappy Day Ronald Smiles McDonald's JEM

The mission – to put a smile on everyone’s face!

McHappy Day Ronald Smiles McDonald's Singapore

Let’s get it started in here! (And runnin’ runnin’) ^D ^

After the flag-off, my fellow bloggers and I sat down for lunch and we were surprised when the COO of McDonald’s Singapore, Kitson Choong, and 2 McDonald’s staff popped by our table 🙂 Kitson explained to us on the background of RMHC which was in essence to give something back to society, a philosophy of McDonald’s founder Ray Croc himself. He also talked about RMH@NUH which started off when doctors observed that the parents of critically ill children were not going home and chose to sleep on chairs and floors just to be near their children. So the idea was born to create a rest place for the parents so they do not have to travel between home and the hospital, and still get the care they themselves need.

Ronald McDonald House RMH@NUH

A place to rest, just steps away from one’s child [Image credit: RMH@NUH]

Kitson shared that 50% of the McDonald’s Singapore workforce of 8,000 to 9,000 staff have worked for 20 years and more. In fact, the 2 staff sitting with us have been with McDonald’s for 12 to 14 years! They’ve mentioned that working in McDonald’s is like being part of a big family (indeed the word ‘family’ comes up many times during our conversations). So they understand the bonds of family and peer support, especially in challenging times, all too well ( ・ω・ )

McHappy Day Mcdonald's

Love is strength, strength is love ^^

If you missed out on buying a Ronald Smile, don’t worry! You can still contribute in these ways:

1. Snap your pic on Ronald McDonald’s Big Red Shoes bench. And share on Instagram under the #mchappydaysg hash tag. McDonald’s will donate $1 for every such photo (capped at 5,000 entries) to RMHC. The bench will be at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange (9 – 15 November) and Boon Lay Bus Interchange (16 – 22 November) – so head on down there now!
McHappy Day Big Red Shoes #mchappydaysg Instagram

So adorable! ^^ [Image credit: Web.stagram]

2. Buy a Happy Meal. 5 cents from each Happy Meal® sold will be donated to RMHC. And this round’s toy is Doraemon! (ノ^∇^)

AN AN AN tottemo daisuki DO-RA-E-MON [Image credit: McDonald’s]

3. Drop your loose change at any McDonald’s RMHC donation box. Think that’s too little to help? You’ll be surprised. Coin box contributions add up to a whopping $400,000 a year in recent times. Which means there are a lot of generous folks with big hearts like you! 。^‿^。
RMHC loose change

Sikit sikit lama jadi bukit (bit by bit, slowly adds up to be a mountain) 😀 [Image credit: RMHC)

3. Volunteer with Ronald McDonald House. It’s simple – cook a meal, do some chores, tutor some kids – and put smiles on families 🙂 Or run your own fundraiser for RMH (contact the RMH Manager, Alvyn Lim, at alvyn.lim@sg.mcd.com).

Many hands make light work [Image credit: MomItForward]

A big thanks to McDonald’s Singapore and Omy.sg for giving us this opportunity to understand better about the RMHC initiative and to get to know the folks whose kind hearts move mountains for those in need. Let’s all do our part to reach out and help someone out today! ⊂((・▽・))⊃
McHappy Day McDonald's bloggers

We’re loving it! 😀 [Image credit: DessertingBeauty]

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