Domino’s Bloggers Appreciation Night 2013

[This post was supposed to be out earlier, but I’ve been down and out with work and illness  > _ <  Also, apologies in advance for the less-than-stellar photo quality, camera phones don’t do too well in romantic lighting T_T]

The last (very late!) post of 2013 which completes the trilogy of fast food-related postings here (the first 2 being McDonald’s Ebi Burger launch and McHappy Day).

I attended the Bloggers Appreciation Night 2013, hosted by Domino’s and, on December 17th. Now the previous food events that I’ve been to have been small-sized gatherings – so I was pleasantly surprised to see balloons, banquet tables and banners all around; more akin to a bloggers’ annual dinner ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Domino's pizza

A pretty posh shindig! ^o^

Of course, a Domino’s gathering means pizza party! Stacks and stacks of pizzas and sides (onion rings, drummets, Crazy Chicken Crunchies!) and desserts (lava cake for the sweet tooth!)

Domino's pizza

Wow, a veritable mountain of pizzas all served to every table by the kind folks hosting the event!

Domino's pizza

We learnt that all the food in Domino’s is freshly baked. So those onion rings are less sinful than you’d expect!

Domino's pizza

The holy food rituals of all bloggers 😀 With my puny camera phone, I figured I was better off taking photos of the bloggers instead of the food…

As this was my first Domino’s event, I didn’t realize this was actually Round 3 of the Domino’s Inter Blogger Contest. Apparently, this is a quarterly contest for bloggers promoting the sales of Domino’s on their blogs. The grand prize was S$1,000 for the main winner (William Tan of Only William being the main winner for the 3rd time, means he won every single round! =lO o Ol= Yowza!) and $200 each for the other winners (which includes Fif Phan, congratulations! ^ ω ^ ).

Domino's pizza

How to participate in Domino’s Inter Blogger Contest

Domino's pizza

Banner ads for participating blogs

Being in a blogger event means being able to meet up with other bloggers of very interesting variety. They include Pamelary (fantastic green hair colour!), EvilPanda57 (who sketches pictures of her avatar on her iPad ^^), BlessedBabyHannah, JoeiMacaroni, and ClarissaGifts.(・∀・ )

Domino's pizza

‘Tis me, the one in the red striped dress ^ o ^ [Image credit:]

Domino's pizza

Pamelary and her amazing hair! 😀

If you’re a blogger reading this and interested to enter the next Domino’s Inter Blogger Contest, the first round of 2014 is January 15th – March 15th 2014. Good luck, if you are entering! 。^‿^ 。


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